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What Fields Can Ferrosilicon Aluminium Be Applied To?
Sep 06, 2018

In the steelmaking industry, in order to improve the quality of steel, it is always necessary to use various types of drop iron alloys, and the use of these iron alloy drops is somewhat different. Let us briefly talk about the use of silicon aluminum and aluminum drops.

Ferroalloys have always been a very common type of ingredients in industrial production processes, especially in the production process of our steelmaking industry. In the application of silicon-aluminum alloy, silicon-aluminum-iron alloy is used in steel production. Deoxidizer, improving the shape of inclusions and reducing the content of gas elements in molten steel is an effective new technology to improve steel quality, reduce costs and save aluminum. It is especially suitable for the deoxidation requirement of continuous casting molten steel. It has been proved by practice that it not only meets the deoxidation requirements of steelmaking, but also has the advantages of desulfurization performance, large specific gravity and strong penetrating power. Silicon-aluminum-iron alloy is a strong deoxidizer and a reducing agent for the production of other metals and alloys. It is also used for aluminum heat welding, heat generating agents and explosives.