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Do You Know Silicon Carbon Alloy?
Sep 06, 2018

Si-C alloy is a new type of alloy used in converter. It can replace ferrosilicon, silicon carbide and carburizer and reduce the amount of deoxidizer. It is used in converter smelting deoxidizing alloying process. The effect is stable. The chemical composition, mechanical properties and internal control quality of steel are superior to traditional process. Its characteristics are: improving the quality of steel, improving the quality of products, improving the new energy of products, reducing the amount of alloy, reducing the cost of steelmaking, increasing economic benefits.

For a long time, the alloy used in converter has not been adjusted. The traditional alloy structure is relatively single, that is, the steel grade Q195 and Q235 adopt Mnsi+FeSi+SiAiCaBa+Sic+carburizer process, the steel grade HRB335 and HRB400 adopt MnSi+Fesi+AiSi+carburizer process. The traditional ferrosilicon manganese alloy, ferrosilicon resources are increasingly tense, the market price is rising, making the converter steelmaking cost gradually increased, reducing the profit margin of steel, and the traditional alloy recovery is greatly affected by the converter operation, tapping volume, end-point temperature and slag volume make the alloy components in the finished products fluctuate greatly. The chemical composition of smelting steel is unstable, and the qualified rate of finished product internal control index is low.

As silicon-carbon alloy is a new type of alloy, there are not many factories producing silicon-carbon alloy at present, mainly in Anyang, Henan Province. It can be seen from the use of silicon-carbon alloy in the replacement of some alloys have great advantages, steel plant demand for silicon-carbon alloy is also increasing, so the prospect of silicon-carbon alloy is good.