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What are the characteristics and uses of ferromanganese?
Sep 06, 2018

Ferromanganese is mainly an alloy of manganese and iron, and there are elements such as carbon and silicon. According to the different carbon content, ferromanganese can be divided into medium carbon ferromanganese and low carbon ferromanganese. The alloys containing enough manganese and silicon are manganese silicon alloys, which are made up of silicon and manganese and a few other impurities.

Manganese in ferromanganese is an indispensable element in the iron and steel industry. As the saying goes, "No manganese, no steel." About 80% of manganese is used as deoxidizer in steelmaking, which can refine the grain size of steel and improve the hardenability of steel. Manganese is often used as alloying agent, which can enhance the atmospheric corrosion resistance of steel and improve the malleability and ROLLABILITY of steel. Wear resistant high manganese steel is widely used in the manufacture of excavator and crusher equipment components. Manganese can replace rare metal nickel when smelting stainless steel. Mn Si alloy is a composite Deoxidizer and alloying element additive for steelmaking. The deoxidized products formed by the deoxidation of Mn Si alloy are low in melting point and easy to float.