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Selection techniques of nodular agents
Sep 06, 2018

(1) 4%, 5% and 5.5% Mg content belong to low Mg spheroidizing agent. RE is between 1% and 2%. It is mainly used in medium frequency furnace smelting and spheroidizing treatment of low sulfur molten iron. It has the advantages of spheroidizing reaction and slow and spheroidizing elements.

(2) 6% and 7% Mg are medium Mg nodulizing agents, which are mainly used in cupola and electric furnace double melting or medium frequency furnace melting pearlite as-cast ductile iron castings. According to casting wall thickness and sulphur content of molten iron, the proper amount of nodulizing agent is determined, which has wide application range and wide nodulizing process.

(3) High-Mg nodulizer series, suitable for cupola smelting, containing 0.06% - 0.09% sulphur molten iron, the addition of 1.6% - 2.0%.

(4) Low aluminium spheroidizing agent is used in castings which are prone to subcutaneous porosity defects and castings which require aluminium content in molten iron.

(5) spheroidizing agent produced by pure Ce and pure La. After spheroidizing, the pure inclusions of molten iron are few and the graphite balls are round. The nodularizer produced by yttrium-based heavy rare earth is suitable for large section castings to delay nodularization decay and prevent massive graphite. The spheroidizing agent containing Sb is used for pearlite ductile iron.

(6) Low silicon spheroidizing agent is suitable for foundries which use a large amount of recycled burden, while nickel magnesium spheroidizing agent is used for high nickel Austenitic Ductile iron.