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Selection of Inoculants
Sep 06, 2018

(1) Si, Ba, Ca and Al alloys are widely used, and the inoculation effect is very ideal and the dosage is small. Barium is a very active element, low calcium barium silicon barium inoculant, graphitization ability is strong, gray iron, nodular cast iron, vermicular cast iron casting preferred.

(2) Advanced deoxygenation inoculant, with strong deoxygenation, and increase silicon, cost-saving, used to prevent stomata and subcutaneous stomata.

(3) The strontium-silicon inoculant does not increase the number of eutectic clusters in gray cast iron, but the graphitization effect is good, which can prevent the white mouth of thin-walled and uneven thickness castings, so it can prevent the leakage of thin-walled and uneven thickness castings (cylinder block and cylinder head).

(4) high alumina low calcium ferrosilicon inoculant can eliminate gray iron chill. Bismuth ferrosilicon inoculants make up for the unobvious effect of single Bismuth Addition. Si Zr inoculants can refine austenite dendrites and increase the strength of cast iron. The addition of manganese in inoculant can reduce the melting point of multi-element alloy and facilitate its diffusion and absorption in molten iron. The effect of Si-Ca-Ba-Mn inoculant is particularly prominent in this respect.

(5) rare earth inoculant has special effect on reducing brittleness of white cast iron. For the high grade hypoeutectic gray cast iron, the graphite morphology can be improved obviously, and the strength of the cast iron can be increased without deliberately reducing the carbon content.

(6) In-mold inoculant block is the most resource-saving and best inoculation treatment method. Foam ceramic filter is installed in the pouring system, which forms a combination for producing high-quality castings. Inoculation blocks will be favored by more foundry enterprises.

(7) Specially manufactured covering agent, with pure composition and uniform particle size, is more conducive to obtaining stable high-quality casting products.